Welcome to the first monthly newsletter for HourGlassGirl Productions, Inc.

2006 has been a monumental year for HGG. This year has seen great projects and great clients. We have not had a moment to breathe, much less time to publish my online portfolio at www.hourglassgirl.com. What's that silly saying about mechanics? ...something about a mechanic's car always being the most neglected? So true, so true. Fortunately, many of you send enough referrals to keep me hopping and I have not needed to rely on it.

At HourGlassGirl, we understand the sentiment and intrinsic value of sending customers and friends holiday greetings and tokens. It's a small gesture that has far-reaching effects for your relationships and for your business. But what a chore! And you don't want to reduce your holiday e-message to something cookie-cutter or downright cheesy.

HourGlassGirl says "Just Say No!" Just say no to cheesy Christmas cards. Instead of choosing from the same stale picked over pile of crappy online greeting cards, I say - Go Custom! Custom e-cards give you the flexibility to be yourself and accurately invoke your personal sense of style into your message.


We're always looking out for new and cool ways to help you and iStockPhotos is the answer to many prayers. iStockPhotos allows you to legally download and use beautiful, high-end professional stock photos, for a small fee, around $3 when you buy a package. Sounds great right?

It is! As long as you are someone who uses a lot of stock photos. If you do not want to invest in a package of credits just for your holiday projects, you can let us know what images you are interested in and we'll purchase them for you from our account's package. How easy! You won't even need to register to sign up for an account with them.


We're always looking out for new and cool ways to help you accomplish your branding and marketing objectives. Please stay tuned for more helpful information, such as:

 Reward Point Totals
 Reward Program Details
 Featured Clients
 Featured Products & Services
 Helpful Tips and Tidbits
 Painless Animal Charity Ideas


For your convenience, I have scoured through iStockPhoto's collection of Holiday images. I have put my favorites together in a "lightbox" for you to peruse. My lightbox currently has 125 images and is a good place to start. Below is a tiny sampling of some of the different types and styles of photography. They also have vector images that are illustrations rather than photographs.

I hope to put together one or two Christmas Card templates soon using some of these images to show you exactly how your finished piece could look.

View my Holiday LightBox