Welcome to the second monthly newsletter for HourGlassGirl Productions, Inc. We wish you and yours a happy and safe holiday season.

The weather has turned colder and the seat in front of the fireplace is the place to be. Have you finished all of your holiday preparation? We have, I think. There are always those last minute tasks and gestures. What would this time of year be like without it all? At HourGlassGirl, we understand the value of sending customers and friends holiday greetings and tokens. It's a small gesture that has far-reaching effects for your relationships and for your business.

This year, you have more options than ever to communicate this sentiment. For our clients, I chose to issue holiday giftcards redemmable towards future services. You should have received yours by now!

The design is compsed pf a simple green and red holiday image from my holiday lightbox at iStockPhoto with some simple text overlays. An adjustment layer was added to modify the hue and saturation setting of the original image.

Individual image file purchases at iStockPhotos are very inexpensive, but you must purchase a bulk package of download credits. HGG has an account established with iStockPhoto and regularly purchases images at a discounted cost for clients.

Did you know HGG also accepts graphics design projects? Indeed, we do! While we do not handle professional logo development, we do design business cards, giftcards, flyers/postcards, brochures and other printed pieces. Below is an example of what a little graphics design creativity and Photoshop magic can do to transform a stock photo into a professional piece that will stylishly express and convey your message.


Here's a great way to do something wonderful for animals. Just sign up for the ASPCA Visa card and make one purchase - Chase Manhattan Bank will donate $75 to the ASPCA. The card comes with a 0% apr on all purchases and balance transfers for 12 months. Each time you use the card, Chase donates a small percentage of each transaction to the ASPCA. The ASPCA is celebrating 140 years of helping animals around the globe. I am celebrating 29 years of helping animals on my corner of the world. READ MORE


"When considering graphics and images for your logos, letterhead, thank you cards, business documents or promotional items, take into account the types of modification techniques available to customize the image to suit your purposes perfectly."


In addition to online e-Christmas cards and giftcards, there are other great ways to communicate your brand and services to your audience. This season, HGG has helped clients develop eye-catching newlsetters, e-postcards, banners, custom landing pages, and brochures.

It's not too late to create your custom Christmas cards, and it's not too early to design New Year's cards. I'm looking forward to doing something cute and creative for my clients this coming spring.

What projects do you have planned for 2007?


We're always looking out for new and cool ways to help you accomplish your branding and marketing objectives. Please stay tuned for more helpful information, such as:

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For your convenience, I have scoured through iStockPhoto's collection of Holiday images. I have put my favorites together in a "lightbox" for you to peruse. My lightbox currently has 200 images and is a good place to start. Below is a tiny sampling of some of the different types and styles of photography. They also have vector images that are illustrations rather than photographs. And for additional credits, you can even purchase small flash movies and video files that can be used ideally for looping backgrounds on websites.

View my Holiday LightBox